Citizen Recreation Street Comfort Bikes

All citizen bikes are fully geared with 7 speeds and high tensile steel frame.

Available in the following colors:
Men’s: Deep Red and Gloss Black
Step-Thru: Deep Red and Winter Blue

Citizen 1 Recreation Street Comfort Bikes

All citizen 1 bikes are fully geared with 21 speeds and have light weight aluminium frames

Available in the following colors:
Men’s: Dakota Grey and Deep Blue
Step-Thru: Pearl White and Deep Blue

Citizen 2 Recreation Street Comfort Bikes

Jamis citizen 2 are fully geared with 21 speed, Shimano gearing and have aluminum frames. Citizen 2 bikes have a suspension coil spring fork with preload adjustment and Weinmann ZAC-19 double wall alloy rims.

Available in the following colors:
Men’s: Flat Steel and Deep Red
Step-Thru: Ano Cucumber and Deep Red

Citizen 3 Recreation Street Comfort Bikes

Every Jamis Citizen 3 bikes are fully geared with 24 speed Shimano and sram gearing and have aluminum frames. Citizen 3 bikes come with suspension coil spring fork with preload adjustment and lockout. Alex ID-19 double wall alloy rims is standard.

Available in the following colors:
Men’s: Charcoal

Explorer A1

When it comes to recreational riding on a so-called comfort bike, nothing gets more uncomfortable faster than having to pedal more weight than necessary. Explorers are built with lightweight 6061 aluminum tubing, resulting in a bike that is as easy to ride as it is to load onto a vehicle.

Available in the following colors:
Men’s: Charcoal
Step Thru:  Ano Sage and Deep Blue

Explorer A2

The Explorer has been one of our best-selling bikes, ever since it’s introduction in 1982. Originally designed as a mountain bike, the Explorer has since evolved into a very practical and very comfortable sport comfort bike. Inspired in part by our Hudsons and Citizens, without sacrificing the versatile on or off-road competence of the original Explorer, the newest generation Explorer is all about getting the most fun out of the ride, in STYLE, with performance and comfort features that make getting around so effortless it hardly feels like exercise.

Available in the following colors:
Men’s: Ano Palladium
Step-Thru: Ano Teal and Ano Palladium


The advantages of disc brakes over rim brakes on a versatile bike like the DXT far exceed their sole disadvantage, weight gain. Besides their incredible power and modulation, they’re just plain safer, especially in the rain. Once rims get wet or muddy, using friction to stop the wheel at its circumference is less efficient than using friction to stop a less wet or muddy small diameter disc near the center of the wheel from rotating. And eliminating the rim from braking surface duties results in a longer lasting wheel.

Available in the following colors:
Men’s: Smoke
Step-Thru: Seafoam

Serfas® eDART 350W E-Bike

Pedal Assist 20mph
Throttle 20mph (Class 2)
Motor: 350W Nominal, 500W Peak, Brushless, Rear Hub Motor
Pedal Assist: 5 Levels
Range: 30 Miles
Battery: 36V Sustained, 11.6Ah Samsung 417.6Wh
Frame: Double-Butted 6061 Heat-Treated Aluminum Alloy
Tires: Kenda Kwick Seven.5 Sport 27.5 x 2.20 KS E-Bike 50
Handlebar: Aluminum, 31.8mm 15 Degree Sweptback
Saddle: Serfas® City Bike 300
Brake: Tektro MD-M280 180mm Mechanical Disc Brake
Front Hub: Novatec 36H Disc, Nutted
Rim: Double Wall 36H Front and Rear, Disc Only
Shifter: Shimano 7S Altus Rapidfire, Shimano 7S Altus Rear Derailleur

Available in the following colors:
Men’s: 350W Black Step Over – Small , 350W Black Step Over – Medium  and 350W Black Step Over – Large
Step-Thru: 350W White Step Through – Small and 350W White Step Through – Medium


Allegro bikes are designed for comfort as well as peak performance. Allegro bikes offer a much larger gear range with much lower gearing for easier hill climbing and the Alex rims provide durability for on and off road cycling. Allegro is a brand new line for 2016 offering all the above at an affordable price.

Available in the following colors:

Allegro Sport

Musically speaking, Allegro means quick and lively. Which is exactly the spirit of Allegros: fitness bikes that are lively, quick and seriously fun to ride. Jamis Allegros blend the speed and efficiency of a road bike with the heads up riding position many people prefer. The combination of road bike drivetrains, flat bar shifters, lightweight aluminum frame and chromoly fork means you can race it on the weekend, then race through traffic during the week.

Available in the following colors:
Men’s: Nickel and Flat Ink
Femme: Nickel

Allegro Comp

When it comes to fitness training and peak performance, nothing is more detrimental to flying fast than carrying more weight than you need to. Which is why every Allegro is built with lightweight triple butted 6061 aluminum tubing. In fact, our aluminum Allegro frames shed 14 ounces over their steel Coda counterparts. We design comfort into the naturally stiffer ride by specifying large volume 32c tires, using similar geometry as our Codas and then adding a few millimeters to the wheelbase length for just a tad more compliance.

Available in the following colors:
Men’s: Victory Blue and Gloss Black
Femme: Pure White and Victory Blue


Featuring a lightweight 6061 aluminum frame, 80mm travel suspension fork, Tektro disc brakes and Shimano drivetrain, Divide hits all the marks at a very reasonable price point.

Available in the following colors:
Men’s: Oxblood
Step-Thru: Riptide Step-Over

Durango Sport

The Jamis Durango may be the most affordable 29’er in our stable, but there’s nothing entry-level about the performance of these bikes. Best-in-Class performance and Big Hoops doesn’t have to mean Big Bucks and the Durango 29 Comp and Sport prove it.

Available in the following colors:
Blood Red and Ano Black

Durango Comp

The Durango frame features a sloping top tube that optimizes stand-over clearance while adding great looks at the same time and hydraulic disc brakes. The over-sized down tube and head tube to offer plenty of strength, stiffness and fork crown clearance.

Available in the following colors:
Amber Wave and Ano Black

Boss Cruiser – 7 Speed

Back-to-basics fun! Two-wheeled simplicity with a straight up sense of purpose. Casual rides for casual riders. Tough and durable with alloy crankset, over-sized frame tubing and single-loop rear stays.

Available in the following colors:
Blueberry, Ninja Green, and Gloss Black


Boss Cruiser Step Thru – 7 Speed

We designed our Cruisers to be kinder, gentler versions of our sport comfort bikes. They’re simplified with easy-to-use one, three or 7-speed drivetrains. In spite of their name, they’re not just for riding at the beach. They’re for any rider anywhere looking for a simple, lightweight, low- maintenance, good looking bike they can casually and comfortably pedal around town all day, every day.

Available in the following colors:
Raspberry, Sky Blue, and Vanilla Mint


Sun Traditional – 7 Speed

Available in the following colors:
Red Metallic and Blue Metallic

Aventon Pace Level 1 – 500

Buy this bike from Bike Attack and get a second battery at $200 off. We provide the link for you to get the discounted battery directly from the maker after you purchased the bike from us. Offer is valid for a limited time.


The Aventon Level is engineered for riders who want to escape from their cars and but still want to keep up with traffic on their work or school commute with a motor-assisted speed of 25 km/h.

Bike Attack Electric provides assembly (if bought locally from us) and warranty service. A big difference to sole online dealers who do not help assembling your bike. We are also there for our local customers when they need help with repairs, service and warranty and offer a FREE 30 day brake and adjustment.

Aventon Pace Level 2 – 500

The Pace 500 ebike provides the rider with ultimate balance of comfort and power. With an upright cruiser frame and a cushy saddle, you’ll have excellent riding posture and will not want to stop the fun! Luckily, a large battery with fast charge capabilities, 3-4 hours until full, means that you can get back in the saddle in no time. A powerful motor gives you the ability to get where you’re going faster than you ever expected, and five levels of pedal assist plus a throttle function mean that you can expend as little or as much energy as you like whilst doing so. Get out there and feel the Pace on our most popular ebike!

Don’t see the bike you’re looking for? We can special order bicycles not shown here from our vendors. Call today for details! 716.282.3220