Bicycle Repair & Service

Tune Ups

Bicycles Repairs & Service

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With the best rates around, Beeton’s Cyclery will repair and service your bicycle regardless of where you bought it.

Basic Tune Up: $64.95

  • Rinse and wipe down bike
  • Frame & Fork Inspection
  • Brake inspection & adjusting
  • Gear inspection & adjusting
  • Lubricating chains, pulleys and cables
  • Truing Wheels includes broken spoke replacement
  • Inspect bearing systems: headset, bottom bracket, hubs
  • Inflate tires to correct pressure

and any other repair your bicycle may need. We also carry a large stock of parts and accessories.

Flat Tire Repair

* Tube replaced on all flat repairs no “patching”.

Buy a bicycle from us?
Free Comprehensive 60 Day Check Up.

Congratulations! The most important service for your new bike is our 60 days Check Up. In the first few weeks of riding, the cables will stretch, and the gears may skip. This is normal as the bike breaks in. We will readjust all cables and re-torque all bolts. Every new bike purchased at Beeton’s Cyclery comes with a free 60 day Check Up. Also a free one year tune-up.